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北京遠洋大廈位于國家大道西長安街畔、中國金融核心北京金融街,與中國人民銀行總行隔路相望,地理位置極其顯赫??偨ㄖ娣e為11.7萬平方米,為5A智能型寫字樓。其獨特的點聯接中空玻璃幕墻與68米挑空豪華大堂相得益彰,氣勢恢弘。其極高的品質和獨特的建筑視角獲得了廣泛關注。已成為新北京向世界展示其現代化面貌的代表。其出色的外表建筑,對于室內的空間苛刻要求完美,歐佰天花憑借卓越的品質和獨特的產品風格成為北京遠洋大廈首選空間天花設計供貨單位、遠洋大廈以獨特建筑視角和具有金屬現代簡潔室內空間. 該區域的財富耀點,塑造著城市核心的典范。

Beijing Ocean Plaza is located alongside the State Road West Chang'an Street, the Beijing Financial Street, and China's financial core with the People's Bank of China head office is just across the road, the geographical location is extremely prominent. Beijing Ocean Plaza is 5A intelligent office building with a total construction area 117,000 square meters. Its unique point of connection of hollow glass curtain wall and 68 meters high luxurious lobby complement each other and with great momentum. Its high quality and unique architectural perspective gained wide attention and has become the new modern representatives of Beijing to show the world. Its excellent building exterior demanded requirements for perfect indoor space. By virtue of excellent quality and unique style of products, Oubuys was the preferred space ceiling design supplier of Beijing Ocean Plaza. Ocean Plaza with its unique architectural perspective and a simple metal modern indoor space is a shining spot for the region's wealth, shaping model of the urban core.






Buckle plate combined ceiling features:

1, Equipped with strong wind resistance, it is applicable to the ornaments in the open-air which are greatly affected by wind strong.
2, The ceiling has clear lines, strong sense of layering, and easy to match.

3, Specification is flexible and can be customized, making the sense of space more perfect.
4, Maintenance is easy and each panel is removable.


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