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安裝方式: 吊掛式

Technical parameters:
Board thickness: 0.7-1 .0 mm;
Board forms: flat, pinhole board, pinhole sound-absorbing cardboard

Processing methods: continuous rolling forming
Material: metal aluminum

Coatings: paint roller coating; metal wire drawing; paint spraying;
powder coating; PVC coating

Special color can be incoming customized

Installation: hanging

Length: L = 1000 mm ~ 6000 mm (actual size)
Supporting keel: L = 1000 mm-6000 mm
展示廳內采用了圓形[無敵風火輪]的金屬天花造型呈放射形鋪開,與燈光的配合早就出多層次的效果, 更能反映汽車展示廳多姿多彩。各種再行金屬天花能靈活組合在一起,而且易于裝配和拆卸,并能與各種照明及音響設備良好配合,使之更能突出立體感和音效。因而受到設計師和各界客戶的推崇。
Cinema in Shaoguan

In the cinema, the combination of the fallen metal ceiling unfolded with projecting type and the lights brings up effects of many levels of the structure, which reflect the cinema's versatility. Different kinds of metal ceiling can constitute flexibly, easy to assemble and dismantle. It also can have a good match with the stage illumination and sound facility, which clearly produce three-dimensional effect and sound effect. To our honor, it is well received by the designers and customers.

鋁型面L型葉片天花板是一種開透式長條板 ,是由長條板份距離排列組成。選用鋅鐵龍骨與輕巧的鋁板條形材料,長條
板直角插入試安裝與拆卸 ,極大程度上方便了天花板上的冷氣、消防、電力系統的保養、檢修。
Product Instruction
Aluminum surface L-shape blade ceiling is an open style long board composed of long plate in distance arrangement. It uses zinc-iron keel and lightweight aluminum strip material, the easy installation and removal with long plate inserting at right angles have greatly facilitated the maintenance and repair of ceiling air-conditioning, fire protection and power systems.
Installation effect: the open style long vertical continuity makes the appearance simple and bright


1 根據要求的水平高度拉好水平線,縱橫垂直均需拉好。
2 按合適的間距吊裝輕鋼龍骨(38或50的龍骨),一般間距1-1.2米,吊桿距離按輕鋼 龍骨的規定分布。

3 把預裝在龍骨上吊件,連同掛片龍骨裝在輕鋼龍骨下面,掛片龍骨間距一般為1米, 全部裝完后必須調整至水平。
4 將L-a系列掛片天花按順序扣掛在龍骨上,再將倒鎖片壓下,L-a型掛片端頭應保持10mm或20mm的距離。
5 安裝掛片時必須帶手套,如不慎留下指印或污漬,可用洗潔精開水洗后抹干即可。
Installation instruction of La series coupon ceiling
1.Pull a good straight line vertically and horizontally according to the required level.

2.Lift the light steel keel at the appropriate spacing (38 or 50 of the keel), the general spacing is 1-1.2 m, and boom
distance is distributed according to the provisions of light steel keel.
3.Install the hanging part pre-installed in the keel together with the coupon keel below the light steel keel;

the general spacing of coupon keel is 1 m; it must be adjusted to be horizontal after installation.
4.Hang the La series coupon ceilings to the keel in order, and then press the lock piece, keeping a distance

of 10 mm or 20 mm in La type coupon ends.

5.It must wear gloves when installing the coupon, if some fingerprints or stains left, wash them with detergent and
hot water and then wipe them dry.